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Project Management

Integration Management; Develop project charter/authorization to proceed documents and develop the project close documentation.

Scope Management; Develop scope plan, scope definition, create WBS, scope verification and scope control.

Schedule Management; Activity definition, activity sequencing, activity resources estimate, activity duration estimate, develop project schedule and control project schedule.

Cost Management; Develop cost estimate, develop cost budget and control cost.

Quality Management; Develop quality management plan, plan quality assurance and manage quality control.

Resource Management; Develop human resource plan, acquire project team, develop project team and manage project team.

Communication Management; Develop communications plan, establish communication distribution plan, establish performance reporting plan and manage Stakeholders.

Risk Management; Develop risk management plan, identify risks, perform risk qualification analysis, perform quantification analysis, develop risk response plan, and monitor and control project risk.

Procurement Management; Plan purchases and acquisitions, develop plan contracting, request vendor and contractor responses, select vendors and contractors, perform contract administration and develop the project contracts closing documentation.

Manage Project Safety Procedures; Monitor and audit safety regulations of contractors.